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Pokemon Moon Stamp by ACorgiInHumanClothin
:bulletpurple:Moon Version:bulletpurple:
:bulletpurple:Trainer: Aurora:bulletpurple:

Alolan Raichu Stamp [F2U] by HollyHip Incineroar - STAMP by YtFantasy [RQ] Midday Lycanroc by SirSuetic
lurantis stamp by peachkys Eevee Stamp by ice-fire Salazzle - STAMP by YtFantasy
Pokemon - Alolan Ninetales Stamp by saturnvalley Golisopod - STAMP by YtFantasy Celesteela - STAMP by YtFantasy
Pokemon Sun/Moon - Lunala Full Moon Phase Stamp by saturnvalley

Red, AS, X, B2, Black, SS

v e t e r a n s

Pokemon Red Stamp by laprasking
:bulletred:Red Version(virtual console):bulletred:
:bulletred:Trainer: Lyric:bulletred:
"... ..."


Alpha Sapphire Stamp by Nemo-TV-Champion
:bulletblue:Alpha Sapphire Version:bulletblue:
:bulletblue:Trainer: Eris:bulletblue:
"Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall"


Pokemon X by Marlenesstamps
:bulletblue:X Version:bulletblue:
:bulletblue:Trainer: Seven:bulletblue:
“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”


Pokemon Black 2 Stamp by Torotix
:bulletblack:Black 2 Version:bulletblack:
:bulletblack:Trainer: Nova:bulletblack:
“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.”

Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3 Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3

Pokemon Black Stamp by Riiarei
:bulletwhite:Black Version:bulletwhite:
:bulletwhite:Trainer: Lily:bulletwhite:
“Make your wonderful dream a reality, and it will become your truth!”


Soul Silver Stamp by Riiarei
:bulletgreen:Soul Silver Version:bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen:Trainer: Clover:bulletgreen:
“Luck often comes to those who are brave.”



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1:17 pm
Feb 23, 2017
10:50 am
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Belated Valentines
Technically I drew these in the evening on Valentine's day, but I didnt finish them till like 2 days ago. Whatevs.
 I was still in a Valentine's Day picture mood, so I drew more cute fluffy stuff for the day of the lavvu.
 Soooooooooo here is some gijinka ships. I have a billion ships with TokenDuelist but I drew only one for him because let's be fair okay.
Other than that .. theres only two other doki-doki-filled pairings I can draw. (for other ppl anyway. i was drawing cute gifts ok.)

 First off; for my dear poopy friend TokenDuelist, I drew one of his(/our?) fave OC/gijinka ships. Cross the Zangoose and Bianchi the Seviper. Contrary to Bianchi's expression in the gijinka forme doodle, Bianchi actually doesn't mind Zangoose. Cross though is a super immature, feisty piece of shit that tries to start fights with her and likes to spout stuff like "I REALLY HATE SEVIPER". They have a special relationship. I love them.
 Secondly, I have Bridgette the Furfrou and SilverWolfGirlGlacia's Talonflame; Aria. I have drawn them once before, and I know she has drawn them a ton of times. xD (Actually she did a valentine's pic with them too!! -> Pokemon - Valentine Gift (late)) These two are super tsundere, for lack of a better word. Bridgette's frou-frou, prissy personality clashes with Aria's tomboyish personality in the best way possible. -Not sure if it's known or not! But a while back I did a personality meme with charas (of which Bridgette was included) and Bridgette actually is so into herself and cares so little about others... it's a wonder she even considered getting a Valentine's Gift for Aria! Seems it caught her off guard too tough, heeheee.
 Lastly, we've got Luna the Delphox and TeddiBurr's Greninja, Rasputin (who is a girl, btw. this picture is filled with gay. ). This is actually my first time drawing them! teddi has drawn them a few times, and Rasputin seems to have quite a crush on Luna. (Seems? it's pretty obvious actually) Honestly I never really thought Luna would garner much interest so I'm pleasantly surprised that someone has a crush on my cute fluffy gurl. :"D ANYWAY from what I was seeing of Rasp, she seems pretty cool(?) but super-gay. So I tried to go with super-gay. Since that seems to be her default with Luna. Luna is usually on the giving-end of teasing and harassing others, so being on the receiving-end of attention is strange for her. She's pretty awkward with fluffy feels, as can be seen by her hiding her little gift behind her back. 

Sorry they're just kinda sloppy doodles,but rly I like how they came out. xD;
Also I wouldve drawn Mandy and Yuka but I draw them soo much... (or at least have in the past).
Anyway,enjoy more Valentine'-themed stuff even though it's definitely not Valentine's Day anymore. lol

art, Cross, Bridgette and Luna (c) me
Bianchi the Seviper belongs to :icontokenduelist:
Aria the Talonflame belongs to :iconsilverwolfgirlglacia:
Rasputin the Greninja belongs to :iconteddiburr:
Pokemon (c) nintendo, gamefreak !!!!!

I have Valentines day themed doodles still on the go. I want to finish them and do up more i suppose.
Gijinka theme today.

I will start it in around half an hour or so and repost the journal then!
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Valentine's Day
Via suggestions during a stream I ended up drawing my Sylveon Valentine and she came out rather cute!
Once I got colouring I realized at the time that Valentine's day was in a few days and I thought "well dang, I GOTTA finish it now! and post it on feb 14th!" and so here we are today.

Sweet mama Valentine has made some lovely sweets to share with her little 'vees and teammates.~ <3

Some fun trivia about Valentine and Valentine's Day:
 Valentine never quite understood the concept of Valentine's day, it had to be explained to her by her trainer, Seven. She thought it was suuuper cute and sweet that her name came from such a happy, love-filled day. ~

art, Valentine (c) me
Pokemon (c) nintendo
Gunna prolly do a livestream tonight, in around 40 mins or an hour from now.


the lesbian fennekin


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August 31 1993 Canada egg hatched.
Likes sour food
n e o p e t st u m b l ra r t b l o gt w i t t e r

hEY YOU BUTTS. Pls just call me Yuri. I'm a Pokemon fanatic with no life besides that. I like too many Pokemon but if you asked me my fave I'd say Fennekin. (Followed by like every other fox mon and the eeveelus. idk look in my gallery jfc) Besides Pokemon I rlly like Foxes, Cats, Wolves, Yuri, Gijinkas, Digimon, fluffy animals, youkai, cryptids, anime and cute girls that I cannot talk to because I am a Fennekin and they cannot talk. Don't argue with me. I like too many things. I hate talking about myself. Puns are great. I collect PKMN and toys and just overall have too much stuff.

i luv these nerds





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